Tuesday, April 06, 2021

AZAM Pay Job Opportunities, April 2021- Revenue Assurance And Fraud Manager

AzamPay was founded in 2016 and is a digital commerce company developing a series of products for the East African market. The company was formed in partnership with the Azam Group of companies and seeks to leverage the Azam brand and presence in East Africa for the purposes of creating value through technology-enabled products and services that can benefit businesses and consumers across the region.

JOB TITLE: Revenue Assurance And Fraud Manager

You will be responsible for the accuracy and completeness of revenue streams, detecting and/ or preventing revenue leakage. 

● Develop a Revenue Assurance (RA) roadmap based on the SWOT of our platforms
● Implement a RA plan in line with our corporate strategy
● Set policies, procedures and controls to monitor and mitigate risk areas and revenue loss
● Build and maintain a risk register for identified and potential risks
● Implement and build a plan for managing change
● Develop and execute test scripts for commercial programs and other configuration affecting sales before rollout
● Analyze the impact, feasibility and risk of proposed changes
● Evaluate current KPIs to measure efficiency
● Implement new KPIs to address newly identified risks inherent to the environment 
● Implement 24-hr fraud surveillance to help mitigate malicious attacks outside business hours
● Promote a RA and Fraud Activity Universe
● Implement new adaptors in the RA tool to facilitate recons and KPIs
● Upgrade our RA tool to increase performance and usage of online application
● Expand fraud coverage through an automatic Fraud Management application
● Design and enforce a RA dashboard
● Provide reports to management and if needed to authority

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